SMS Turbo

If your business is the moving of product across scales every day, then you understand the value of servicing your customers promptly. More importantly, you realize that to increase sales and profits, you must increase the speed and efficiency of your operation. This fact is essential to maintaining a competitive edge in today's market.

Creative Information Systems presents SMSTurbo, a software package with the versatility to adapt to the demands of a growing business in an ever-changing market. SMSTurbo is a multi-tasking, integrated software package compatible with the asphalt, cement, mining, feed, timber, shipping, gravel, waste/recycling management industries and many more.

SMSTurbo is compatible with virtually all scales and indicators...

  • Cardinal
  • CMI Eaton
  • Fairbanks
  • GSE Powell
  • Rice Lake
  • Thurman
  • Toledo
  • WeighTronix
  • And More...

The SMSTurbo billing module offers the power to invoice your customers and track payments received. For customers who are already using a billing system, SMSTurbo can interface to many existing software products...

  • Peachtree
  • Quick Books
  • Quick Books Pro
  • Cougar Mountain
  • Mas90/200
  • Master Builder
  • TimberLine
  • And More...

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